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  • True to tradition, the Danish Government announced its legislative programme for the new parliamentary ‎year on the first Tuesday of October. The programme includes, among other initiatives, the long awaited ‎amendment of the Holiday Act and the new Data Protection Act.‎

    10. Oct 2017

  • After the first set of guidelines on data transfers to third countries, the second set of guidelines has now ‎been issued – this time concerning data protection officers.‎

    9. Oct 2017

  • The General Data Protection Regulation will enter into force soon. Now the first set of guidelines has ‎been issued.

    6. Oct 2017

  • In this case, the ECJ ruled on the issue of whether an employee on unpaid leave was entitled to ‎continue his employment relationship after a business transfer.

    6. Oct 2017

  • A manager called an employee a "terrorist" and although he later apologised, the employee was ‎awarded DKK 5,000 in compensation by the Board of Equal Treatment.‎

    20. Sep 2017

  • The Danish Western High Court held that it was unfair to summarily dismiss a taxi driver who failed to ‎show up for work because he had been given the impression that he would not be sanctioned by the ‎employer.‎

    20. Sep 2017

  • The European Court of Justice recently ruled on the issue of whether a member state is allowed to have ‎national provisions which mean that employees of a subsidiary based in a member state other than the ‎parent company are not eligible for election to the board of directors of the parent company.‎

    12. Sep 2017

  • The Danish Board of Equal Treatment recently held that the wording of a rejection letter was likely to ‎create a presumption of discrimination on grounds of ethnicity.‎

    7. Sep 2017


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