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  • The Danish Western High Court did not find an employer liable for a carpenter’s carelessness in ‎performing a simple job.‎

    7. Aug 2017

  • The Board of Equal Treatment held that the fact that a dismissed employee was the oldest member of ‎staff did not give rise to a presumption of discrimination on grounds of age.‎

    7. Aug 2017

  • The draft Data Protection Bill was recently sent out to consultation by the Danish Ministry of Justice.‎

    7. Aug 2017

  • The Danish Eastern High Court found that the absence of a dismissed accountant’s assistant was ‎pregnancy-related, and therefore ordered the employer to pay compensation.‎

    29. Jun 2017

  • The Danish Parliament has adopted an amendment to allow employers under certain conditions to ‎employ young people between ages 15 and 18 at premises where alcohol is served.‎

    21. Jun 2017

  • The Danish Data Protection Agency found it very unfortunate that data on 95,000 subscribers had been ‎accessible to third parties via the internet.‎

    19. Jun 2017

  • The Danish Parliament has now adopted the new Marketing Practices Act, and this will affect, among ‎other things, any references to the Marketing Practices Act in employment contracts and other ‎documents.‎

    29. May 2017

  • In December 2016, the Article 29 Working Party issued a number of guidelines, among other things on ‎the interpretation of the new provisions on data protection officers. Those guidelines are now available ‎in their final form.‎

    16. May 2017


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