Norrbom Vinding's labour and employment law practice is the largest in Scandinavia and the market leader in Denmark

About us

Norrbom Vinding's labour and employment law practice is the largest in Scandinavia and the market leader in Denmark

Norrbom Vinding is a law firm which provides labour and employment law advice to employers in the public and private sectors.

We have made it our goal and our vision to always be the best labour and employment lawyers in Denmark and the natural first choice for employers and management.

We have found it important to achieve a size and a breadth which means that we have specialists in our firm who are not just experts in the legal specialities we cover, but also experts in most industries.

Today, we are regarded as the market leader in our field – a fact we pride ourselves on – and we operate nationally as well as internationally; internationally through a number of collaborative firms, including the Ius Laboris alliance, which offers 1,300 specialised labour and employment lawyers in 44 countries.


Norrbom Vinding is a partnership which is managed by the partners at the general level. The day-to-day management is carried out by a managing partner, an office manager and an IT manager.

Managing Partner: Jørgen Vinding 
Office Manager: Inge Aas Lawaetz
Head of IT: Henrik Wiberg


Norrbom Vinding was established in 1998, but our firm's history and experience go all the way back to the 1980's, when our partners were among the pioneers who developed labour and employment law as a separate discipline for independent lawyers in Denmark.

Our firm has gone from strength to strength ever since. Staff has increased by around 400% and turnover by around 700%.

Labour and employment law has also changed. Today, this area of the law is highly complex. Deep knowledge about collective bargaining processes, individual employment law and EU law is the foundation. But labour and employment law also requires expertise in tax, social security, business immigration, data protection, health and safety, IPR, special discrimination, incentives, pensions, CSR and much, much more.

Our firm’s history and experience go all the way back to the 1980’s

Today, Norrbom Vinding covers all areas where employers and management may need legal advice in relation to employees and their organisations. Our expert lawyers cover all aspects of our speciality – and, of course, they are all experts with the proper classic foundation.

Our labour and employment law expertise is based on more than 30 years’ experience at expert level – we have been there every step of the way and are still at the forefront of new developments in this field.


We want to maintain our position as the leading labour and employment practice in Denmark and the natural first choice for employers and management.

We are committed to cementing our reputation for excellence and to incorporating ethics into our legal advice.

At the same time, we want to be known for showing respect for the projects we are given, respect for the client, but also respect for the employee, lawyer and organisation representing the other party to the proceedings, negotiations, etc.

Internally at our firm, it is important for us to cultivate a strong sense of unity, caring and respect for each other, and our set of values means that all parts of the chain are equally important for us to deliver the best possible product and advice to our clients


Norrbom Vinding is a member of the UN Global Compact. Consequently, our firm is operated and our services provided in compliance with the ten universal principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption which have been placed on the international agenda by the UN.

We support Médecins Sans Frontiéres, BØRNEfonden and the Red Cross in close collaboration with the three organisations. Thus, Médecins Sans Frontiéres, BØRNEfonden and the Red Cross have partnered up with Norrbom Vinding for advice on the labour and employment law issues they face from time to time.

"Médecins Sans Frontières is an organisation based on volunteers and commitment. We send out doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to disaster zones all over the world to provide medical emergency aid. This requires a professional administrative organisation. With its dedicated effort and invaluable HR law services, Norrbom Vinding has enabled us to focus all of our energy on what we are here for: Delivering independent humanitarian aid wherever it is needed. Thank you. Thank you very much.”

- Torill Pallesen Davey, HR Director


"BØRNEfonden has forged a partnership with Norrbom Vinding to benefit from its labour and ‎employment expertise. ‎

BØRNEfonden is an independent development organisation funded by private sponsorships and ‎business partnerships and today assists more than 65,000 children, their families and local communities ‎for a brighter future.‎

The partnership with Norrbom Vinding reflects its commitment to global corporate social responsibility. ‎As a result of our partnership, BØRNEfonden is able to free up resources to provide an even greater ‎number of children in developing countries with an education and a safer and healthier upbringing.‎

We are very happy with our partnership with Norrbom Vinding; it has meant a great deal to ‎BØRNEfonden."

- Bolette Christensen, CEO‎


Client Relationship Management forms an integral part of our day-to-day activities. We are dedicated to maintaining and growing existing client relationships.

Knowing the client and its industry is the very basis for the dialogue that is an essential starting point for any legal advice. That is why we take an active interest in our clients and their context.

All clients are assigned one or more partners who will be responsible for the client relationship. Our intention is to meet with regular clients on an ongoing basis to ensure that we meet their expectations.

In addition to their relationship with the partners, clients will typically also be assigned an associate.

Our goal is to ensure that there will always be a partner or associate to answer your call

All clients will be offered to sign up for our electronic newsletter for a regular update on what is happening in the area of labour and employment law. They will also be invited to attend our breakfast briefings on current topics and to join the industry-specific networks we have set up.

We are dedicated to maintaining and growing existing client relationships


”The best in the market…”


Norrbom Vinding is the law firm in Denmark which is consistently ranked as the leading firm or the market leader within labour and employment law, and we are the law firm in Denmark which has the greatest number of the lawyers who are ranked as leaders in their field.