• The Danish Appeals Permission Board has granted permission to appeal a judgment from the Danish ‎Eastern High Court on the scope of the dismissal protection of health and safety representatives under ‎the Danish Working Environment Act.

    2. Mar 2017

  • Employers do not need to take into account an off-sick employee's offer to return to work on a part-time ‎basis when calculating the 120 days of sickness absence, according to the Danish Eastern High Court in its ‎judgment from November 2016. A permission to appeal to the third instance has now been granted, and ‎the case will therefore come before the Danish Supreme Court.‎

    27. Feb 2017

  • In the wake of the Safe Harbor case – where the Safe Harbor agreement was ruled invalid – it is now the ‎EU Commission's standard contractual clauses that are in the firing line.

    27. Feb 2017

  • The Danish Supreme Court has ruled that the Danish State may have incurred liability by failing to act ‎sufficiently swiftly to amend the Danish Holiday Act to align it with EU law.‎

    1. Feb 2017

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